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ELMON™ Furnace lining materials

ELMON™ is a concept for monolithic, jointless linings, with a special stop layer for gas, temperature, and metal. This reduces temperatures and gas pressures in critical areas of the lining, which contribute to a much longer lifetime. 

ELMON™ Furnace Lining Materials

The main constituents in Elkem ELMON™ ramming pastes are Electrically Calcined Carbon and Silicon Carbide. We have products containing Carbores™, resin, biopolymer, or hydrocarbon binder

ELMON™ products have proven performance as linings in furnaces producing silicon, ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, and calcium carbide. ELMON™ products are also used in the bottom lining of ferrochrome and ferromanganese furnaces and in the sidewalls provided that sufficient temperatures are maintained for curing.

Most of the ELMON™ products are produced by order, with relative short lead-times.

Our standard ELMON™ furnace lining materials


Carbon material containing graphite, which conducts both current and heat well.


Silicon carbide material that’s stops/reduce flow of gas, heat, and metal.


Resin bonded material that can be used in freeze linings and tapping spouts.


Resin bounded material with high heat conductivity used inside steel shell.

Key Benefits of our ELMON™ furnace lining materials

  • Increased and predictable lifetime of furnace linings
  • Quick installation and easy handling
  • Improved working environment
  • Shorter delivery time than carbon blocks

More than 30 years with cold lining pastes

Elkem developed a monolithic furnace lining, ELMON™, after experiencing severe problems with carbon block linings back in the 1980s. Elkem’s monolithic lining ELMON™ often achieves a lifetime of around 20 years. Elkem has delivered linings to more than 200 furnaces worldwide from production in Brazil, China, and Norway. 

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