Elkem Foundry and Steel Products: the leading metal treatment solution provider for cast iron and steel

Elkem’s state-of-the-art products and technical support ensure that you can achieve prime quality and consistency in your steel production and iron castings.

Our product range includes alloys to manufacture grey, ductile, and compacted graphite iron as well as Si-based ferroalloys specifically designed for making steel, in particular electrical, stainless, and special steels. Our skilled Technical Service teams, together with our local sales force, are happy to share their experience with you and assist in optimising your processes.

For cast iron production, Elkem has the products and process advice to help you to establish and refine your production. From magnesium treatment and inoculation to process automation and thermal analysis, Elkem Foundry Products is your partner for improved castings.

For steel production, Elkem is one of the leading producers of special silicon based ferroalloys to the steel industry. We are focusing on continuously developing better silicon alloys to meet current and future needs of the steel industry.

Foundry and Steel Products

With our unique range of magnesium ferrosilicon alloys, inoculants, speciality ferroalloys for steel, preconditioners, cover materials, recarburisers and inserts, Elkem can provide the tailor made solution to your requirements.

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Tech Advice

Elkem Foundry Division technical support staff have extensive experience of all types of production methods, steel and iron grades, moulding media and component types. We can offer the best advice possible to help you to eliminate defects and optimise your metal treatment processes, working as part of your team.

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Case study

Avoiding micro porosity defects in iron castings

Our profile

We are the leading producer of ferrosilicon-based speciality alloys.

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Our history

Elkem has a history of >110 years in innovation and continuous growth.

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Our plants

We manufacture top quality products in 9 plants worldwide.

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Our R&D

We have three own laboratories in Norway, India and China.

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Our latest news


Elkem Foundry Products at FENAF 2019, Brazil

From 17-20 September 2019, Elkem attends the key tradeshow exhibition for foundry industry in South America, FENAF 2019 and brings to Brazil the general manager for Tenbloc® production, Steve Carter.

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Elkem Foundry Products takes casting iron to the next level at GIFA 2019

Dusseldorf, 12 June 2019: From 25 until 29 June Elkem Foundry Products will be present at GIFA, the world’s leading trade fair for casting technology, in Dusseldorf, Germany. There, Elkem will highlight its all-round competence to improve the metallurgical iron foundry process.

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Technical advice

Elkem has a dedicated team of metallurgists and process engineers capable of addressing complex casting issues. Backed up by extensive laboratory facilities and a R&D group, we work together with our customers to solve issues, improve processes and eliminate waste.

We have created a set of Technical Information sheets and posters covering a wide variety of subjects which are invaluable to the modern foundry. TI sheets can be obtained from this site and ask your local Elkem representative about our very popular structure and defect posters. Below you can access some examples of technical advice from Elkem. 

Casting weight and thickness

We have a range of alloys to provide the optimum treatment for your castings, whatever the weight and section thickness.

Mechanical properties

You can achieve lower weight and higher performance in your cast iron by producing solution strengthened ferritic ductile iron (SSF). Elkem can advise on chemistry, treatment and inoculation methods for the successful production of these new grades of iron.

Reproducibility and consistency

We recommend taking corrective actions at an early stage of the process and using a portable, affordable thermal analysis system such as Elkem’s Epic TM . This can reduce scrap and save time and money downstream of the furnace.

Scrap rate

We helped many of our clients who had to deal with high scrap rates. You can also benefit from our experience.


Optimising chemistry, temperature and sand conditions and using the right nodulariser / inoculant package helps to reduce shrink by maximising the effect of graphite expansion.

Surface defects

Titanium, aluminium and moisture are the common causes of hydrogen pinholes in greensand systems. Both Al and Ti lower the surface tension in the liquid iron. This allows gasses to be picked up more easily.

Find out more about Elkem and sustainability and download our sustainability reports.

About Elkem Foundry Products

We are the world’s leading producer of ferrosilicon-based alloys and high purity ferrosilicon for the steel and iron foundry industry. To keep you at the forefront of technology, Elkem Foundry Products Division constantly develops new products and applications based on our customers’ needs and supported by our extensive R&D facilities.

We believe that our technology, products, sustainable production plants and superior customer support offer you the best supplier partnership available.

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