About Elkem Foundry Products


Elkem Foundry Products is the leading metal treatment solution provider to the cast iron industry and a supplier of high quality special ferrosilicons to the steel industry. Our products, supported by our experienced technical service teams, provide innovative solutions for iron foundries and steel mills worldwide. The car industry, pipe producers and engineering companies are our important customer categories. 

We manufacture top quality inoculants and MgFeSi based nodularisers on three continents to provide local, rapid and effective responses to all cast iron production requirements.

Elkem’s flexible manufacturing techniques means that we will have a MgFeSi-based nodulariser to suit specific foundry conditions, whilst the extensive inoculant range meets our customers’ needs in terms of chill and shrinkage control, microstructure and mechanical properties. Combined with a range of preconditioners, FeSi and recarburisers, Elkem can supply a solution based package of products that is fit for our customers’ purpose.

Ferrosilicon is used to remove oxygen from the steel and as an alloying element to improve the final quality of steel. Silicon increases strength and wear resistance, elasticity in spring steels, scale resistance (heat resistant steels), and lowers electrical conductivity and magnetostriction (electrical steels). Elkem produces top quality specialty FeSi such as High Purity, low Al and low C ferrosilicon. These are used in the production of steel qualities for transformers/motors, ball bearings and shock absorbers, tyre cord steel and in stainless steels.

Elkem Foundry Products has six manufacturing sites supported by sales offices and representatives around the world. A globally based technical service team and a commitment to research and development complement our high quality products and means that we can supply innovative solutions to your challenges.