Elkem Foundry Innovation and R&D

At Elkem Foundry Products, innovation and R&D have a crucial role. Our goal is to provide the steel and foundry industries with innovative solutions.

Product development is an important part of innovation. We develop products tailormade for the production of speciality steels, and as additives in the metal treatment of iron for the foundry industry.

Our own facilities are located in Norway, India and China and comprise chemical analytical, material characterisation and melting laboratories that enable us to have a controlled evaluation of new products and processes.

Our chemical laboratories offer a wide range of analytical techniques, instrumentation and testing methods, providing the critical analysis information needed for trouble-shooting, research and quality control.

Our material characterisation facilities are equipped with a "state of the art" Field Emission Gun Electron Microscope (FEG-SEM), several optical microscopes and sample preparation tools. Image analysis and batch processing of images are used for the characterisation of materials.

Our melting laboratories have induction furnaces ranging from bench to pilot scale, ideal for developing and testing new process additives.

Tech advice

Our experts share their know-how of technology with you to improve and stabilise your production processes.

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