Elkem produces an extensive range of MgFeSi alloys for the production of ductile and compacted graphite irons. Alloys are available in chemistries and sizes to suit all foundry applications - sandwich, tundish, flow-through, in-the-mould or other processes. We work with our customers to provide technical support and advice on maximising the value obtained from the use of our nodularisers. Low Mg alloys and alloys to counter shrinkage have become major areas of development and application in recent times, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity and improved environmental measurements.

The range of nodularisers is well known by the tradename Elmag®  and Elkem currently makes close to 100 different chemistries, each available in various sizes to suit our specific customer requirements. In our wide range you will easily find an alloy chemistry that is best for you, made in the size grading to give you optimum recovery of magnesium.

For in-the-mould nodularisation, compacted graphite irons and thin section ductile iron castings, specialist products, such as Lamet® nodulariser, CompactMag® alloy and Remag® nodulariser have been developed. 

Elkem produces its range of high quality MgFeSi alloys on three continents and is the only supplier to have global and yet localised production facilities. 

Elkem Bjølvefossen on the west coast of Norway has been producing and specialising in the production of MgFeSi for many years. Chicoutimi in Canada produces mainly for the Americas and our plant in China provides a high quality product into this rapidly developing market. Elkem Iceland is strategically positioned to provide both the Americas and Europe. 

Elmag®, Lamet®, Compactmag® and Remag® are registered trademarks owned by Elkem AS.