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High performance ingredients for industrial release applications

Silicones Optimize Industrial Release Applications

Enhancing Industrial Molding with Elkem's Advanced Release Agents

Release agents are essential in many industrial molding applications. To properly mold plastics, metals, rubber and other materials the barrier effect between mold and molded object are required to be able to extract the object after preparation.

Release agents facilitated the separation between mold and object by inhibiting adhesion, but also by providing the necessary slip effect allowing for low extraction forces, reducing stress on the molded article during extraction.

To obtain the right separation properties, slip effect and surface aspects, Elkem provides you with a wide choice of performance ingredients and raw materials.

Specialized Support and Global Expertise in Release Agent Optimization

In the right combination, they allow for optimized performance parameters fitting the targeted applications. If some of our materials can be used as-is, ever-increasing requirements as to the surface aspect of the molded parts make it essential for our customers that we provide them with an optimized formulation base offer.

We have added speciality ingredients to our range that allow formulators to adapt their products to the variety of specific applications and requests they face.

Our release ingredients are designed to facilitate the manufacture of quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing waste as well as water and energy consumption.

Our experts are available on all four continents to advise you and provide technical support on how to best optimize your range while using our performance ingredients.

Tailored Release Solutions for Diverse Molding Applications

Elkem release solutions are applied in a great diversity of industries and for a wide variety of materials:

  • In foundries for molding metals by the croning or die casting processes (Steel, Aluminum, ZAMAK, Magnesium, etc.). Low surface tensions allow for perfect wetting of the mold surface insuring a continuous release film. Temperature resistance and slip effect allow for easy extraction, optimizing surface properties in your customers molding applications. 
  • For polyurethane and rubber molding, RIM and extrusion processes, where productivity depends on release properties, slip effect and flawless surface aspects, optimized through application specific release characteristics.
  • For tire curing and retreading with customized, ready to use solutions.
  • For thermoplastic processing, composites, concrete, panel pressing and other applications.

Challenge us with your specific needs, we will offer you adapted solutions and remain open for specific application driven developments where unmet needs exist. With laboratories and production centers in Europe, the US, Brazil and China, and our experts are available on all four continents to advise you and provide technical support.

New single release generation

Latest release agent generation - washable & laser cleaning compatible

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