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Silicon for lithium-ion battery anodes

Moving towards the next generation of high-energy-density batteries

SILGRAIN® e-Si: The silicon of choice for the next generation of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Silicon is currently used to produce silicon based anodes for lithium ion batteries. Three examples:

  • Production of SiOx which are mixed into graphite anode materials.
  • Production of silane gas which is used to produce e.g. nanosized silicon materials.
  • Controlled sizing to produce micron sized silicon.

The benefit to use silicon in lithium ion batteries are several, e.g. higher energy density will result in longer driving range. The reason for higher energy density is that Silicon can accommodate more lithium than state of the art graphite materials. There is not one solution for silicon since there are many battery technologies and applications areas for batteries. Elkem is your development partner to find the suitable silicon material for you anodes in lithium ion batteries.


is a variety of silicon products
tailored for silicon-based anodes in rechargeable
lithium-ion batteries.
Silgrain® e-Si qualities are specialised to fit into
different processes and technologies, developed
in close cooperation with customers and partners.


Silicon as anode material in lithium-ion batteries
Silicon as anode material in lithium-ion batteries

Our products are vertically integrated from in Elkem owned quartz
mines to the in-house production of tailor-made products.
Silgrain® e-Si is produced at our plant in Bremanger, Norway,
where hydropower results in a considerably lower carbon footprint
compared to similar products.

Sustainability at Elkem

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