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Silicone for domestic appliances

Silicone at home with Appliances.

Elkem's Silicones are part of our everyday lives. From large-size appliances (such as ovens, cooktops, and washing machines) to small household devices (such as steam irons) all use silicone products.

Elkem Silicones RT Foam Range

Silicone for your everyday goods

For over 20 years, major appliance and consumer electronics manufacturers have been partnering with Elkem to make high-performance products using our wide range of silicones, from adhesives and silicone elastomers (RTV-1) to silicone RTV-2. They know that our solutions are reliable, safe, and contribute to improving their manufacturing processes and cost-effectiveness. They also know they can count on our technical teams to give them the best advice and support at all times.


Here are a few examples of technologies:

High temperature bonding and sealing using RTV-1 (CAF™ Room Temperature Vulcanizing-1) and accelerated RTV-1 (CAF™ AXAD) for high-temperature appliances that ensure safety, reliability and product life.

Silicone foam technology provides the performance benefits of standard silicones with improvement of flexibility and suppleness. Elkem’ foam range is specially designed for Sealing and Gasketing applications.

Bluesil™ RT Foams are flexible solutions that can be used to solve the following issues:

  • A compression gasket is required
  • An “environmental seal” is required (sealing against ambient air, splashed water, dust, moisture)
  • A cost effective sealing solution is required (compared to preformed gaskets / foam tapes)
  • Fast-cure is demanded (room-temp / low/short heat)
  • Low sealing force / low modulus is needed
  • High tolerance gaps exist
  • Component sound and vibration requires dampening
  • Gasket installation demands automation (robotic dispensing)

High temperature sealing for electrical resistances as well as silicone Bluesil RTV-2 elastomers for heating elements.

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