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Elkem’s sustainability highlights 2017: Our contribution to a sustainable, low-carbon world

Our sustainability report and highlights for 2017 are now available!

As a cutting-edge innovator and technology company, Elkem has a strong commitment to sustainable development and to responsible business practices. 

We believe our solutions contribute to making our world more sustainable. We are committed to the UN Global Compact and to the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and we have identified the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) with which Elkem can make the greatest impact.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the building blocks of the Elkem culture and it’s the way we conduct business. To stay competitive Elkem must be at the forefront of technology, as we have been for over a hundred years.

This year, we have done our sustainability reporting a little differently. Elkem also reports on sustainability in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Standards: core option, which you can find in our GRI report 2017.

In addition, we have collected the highlights of Elkem’s sustainability performance in the Elkem Sustainability magazine 2017.

In it, you can read about how Elkem Silicones was the first to launch a project to integrate silicones into 3D printing of personalised prosthetics to the health-care market, to build high strength and low weight prosthetic legs.

You can read about how Elkem Carbon finalised a project that will reduce Elkem Carbon’s sulphur emissions by more than 60 per cent. You can also read about how our work with replacing fossil coal with biocarbon in our smelting furnaces is on track to reduce a staggering 310,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions by 2020.

These are just some of the case studies of Elkem’s sustainable solutions highlighted in this year’s Sustainability magazine.

You can find more information about our sustainability commitment on our sustainability site.

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