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Foundry alloys

Elkem offers a wide range of precision-formulated products including preconditioners and inoculants with a global presence. The quality and consistency of foundry alloys are crucial for the production of cast iron in iron foundry processes, and Elkem's products deliver the performance needed.


At Elkem, we partner with your foundry team to identify and provide the right preconditioners to assess nucleation potential during the early stages of the casting process, no matter where you are located.


Elkem provides high-quality, readily dissolvable recarburizers to guarantee uniform carbon recovery in all foundry conditions. This helps regulate carbon content during the early and late stages of the melting process and avoid issues caused by inconsistent recarburizers in the market.


Conditioners (or cover alloys) provide a variety of benefits for ductile iron treatments, including improved magnesium recovery and simplified slag separation and removal. Elkem will work with your foundry team to select and supply the best conditioner for you, in whatever country you’re based.


Elkem specialists can assist you in finding the ideal nodularizer for your metal treatment processes by utilizing their expert knowledge and global reach. Care must be taken to correctly adjust the composition and amount of nodularizer for optimal spheroidal graphite formation in ductile iron melts.


Elkem provides high-quality inoculant inserts for optimizing nucleation potential in poured iron. These inserts, used in the molding process, are highly effective for gray iron, ductile iron, and compacted graphite cast iron. Elkem's products come with expert advice.


Elkem offers a superior range of inoculants crucial for preventing metallurgical defects in cast iron due to inadequate nucleation. Our worldwide supply and knowledgeable specialists will assist you in selecting the ideal inoculants for your specific use case.

Technical Support

Our support staff have extensive experience and can offer the best advice possible to help you to eliminate defects and optimise your metal treatment processes, working as part of your team.

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Improving ductile iron casting yield

In this case study, Elkem faced a challenge together with the customer, a foundry that produces critical safety components for the automotive and agricultural sectors. Elkem worked on increasing productivity by adding an extra cavity on the pattern plate, saving the customer production time and costs.

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Solving shrinkage issues in a heavy duty iron casting

In this case, a globaly leading manufacturer of ductile iron castings for crittical machinery parts experienced leakage in housing elements. They specialise in elevator traction machinery, with parts weighing up to 10 tonnes.

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Avoiding micro porosity defects in iron castings

In this case, a leading grey and ductile iron foundry experienced some defects. They specialise in producing automotive, agricultural, earthmoving and engineering castings for the global market. Previously they worked with a competitor’s inoculants and nodularisers. They experienced issues with machining their cast products.

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Reviewing alloy additions in the production of safety-critical castings

In this case, a leading producer of ductile iron high-speed railway tie plates, experienced challenges to meet the required safety standards, especially caused by issues around shrinkage control.

When approached by the foundry, Elkem conducted a full process audit. Key areas for improvement were quickly identified.

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Improving casting yield to increase profitability

Elkem faced a challenge together with the customer in this case, to increase the casting yield by metallurgical means, to improve the process efficiency.

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