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A new brand dedicated to providing customers with solutions of comfortable feel finishing for daily necessities

Silicone products improve and enhance our quality of life. From family life to individual movement, silicone materials are used in all aspects of daily life. It is integrated into our daily necessities such as clothing, tissues, leather and other fabrics to bring people a more comfortable experience and fashionable style. At the same time, environmental protection concepts have become more important factors when consumers choose household products. They are significantly more aware of human and environmentally friendly while demanding fashion style and high quality. They care for their surrounding environment without compromise on health, comfort and quality of life.

COMFORTSIL™ is a new global brand launched by Elkem Silicones dedicated to the feel finishing solutions for daily necessities. It focuses on the feel finishing of textiles and leather, as well as softener for tissues. The products of this brand are specifically formulated with comprehensive consideration of properties of various textiles and fabrics, which significantly improve the performance of the final products, and enhance the long-lasting feel and visual appearance.

COMFORTSIL™ introduces three product series: Textile Care, Leather Care and Tissue Softener. 

The Textile Care silicone products render the fabric a soft and smooth feel with properties of softener, wrinkle-proofing, hydrophobic or hydrophilic treatment, fading and yellowing resistance. 

The Leather Care products make the leather more softener with brighter appearance and higher wearing resistance after impregnation.

The Tissue Softener products can significantly improving the softness and silk-like feel of the tissues while optimizing moisture retention and yellowing resistance without impacting the strength of the fabric.

With this newly launched brand COMFORTSILTM, Elkem Silicones strives to provide its clients worldwide with more comprehensive and richer product portfolio by leveraging its global market influence, quality reliability and sustainable innovation. We work closely with formulators to provide clients with case-by-case guidance and suggestions to ensure that our solutions effectively meet the needs of various fabrics and processes. We keep developing innovative products by continuous research investment to meet the changing market needs.

Elkem Silicones has been in the industry for over 60 years. We focus on the end users and have always put the product safety first. From the beginning of product concept to R&D, production, transportation to final delivery to users, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, providing our clients and consumers with safe materials and assisting our clients in producing high-quality products which are in line with market trend and meet consumer needs under the fierce competition. We make sure that our complete COMFORTSIL™ range complies with strict international standards keeping in mind the safety of your end-users.

In addition, we also provide a full range of support services with our stable supply of upstream raw materials and a global business network, including rapid introduction of new products, reliable procurement services, professional technical services and quick response capabilities.

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