ESM D2® is an acrylic co-polymer deflocculant developed to offer excellent dispersion of Micromax & MicroDense weighted water-based fluids, especially under HPHT conditions. Stable, low rheology & sag WBMs of 25 ppg (3.0 sg) can be produced


  • Deflocculant for freshwater & brine based drilling & completion fluids
  • Provides low, controllable rheologies. Designed for Micromax® & MicroDens®e weighted fluids
  • Stable at temperatures over 2300c (4500f)
  • Stable at mud weights > 3.0 sg (25 ppg)
  • Resistant to contaminants
  • Green HSE profile being non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • General use at 5-20 gm/litre (1.75-7 ppb). Pilot testing is recommended to determine the optimum concentration for any specific application 


200 litre drums 
1000 litre IBCs

Storage conditions

Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Store at temperatures between 1 & 400

Shelf life

If stored correctly, the product has no known shelf life 


  • Total Solids Content: 43-45%
  • pH:                             4.0-4.5
  • Viscosity:                   700-2000 cP

Typical Physical Properties

  • Amber coloured liquid
  • pH of 4-4.5
  • Specific gravity of around 1.0