Micromax® is a self-stabilising weight material for use in drilling, completion & cementing fluids. It comprises microspherical particles of manganese tetraoxide, which enable fluids of high density with low ECD, minimal sag & formation damage mitigation.


  • For low rheology fluids
  • For tight ECD management requirements < 0.5 ppg
  • For tight sag control requirements <0.505 static sag
  • Ready to use kill fluids, completion fluids, packer fluids
  • To extend the density window for brines such as formates
  • To mitigate formation damage
  • Temperatures >1500c
  • For high density fluids to 3.0 sg (25 ppb)
  • In completion & packer fluids


  • 1 MT big bags
  • 25 kg bags (special request only) 

Storage conditions

Keep Dry. It is recommended not to store below 00 C. Keep away from Hydrochloric acid 

Shelf life

If stored correctly, the product has no known shelf life


  • Specific gravity:  4.7-4.9
  • Mn content:         65-70%
  • Fe content:           4.5% max
  • Surface area:        1-4 m2/g

Typical physical data

  • Average particle size: 1μm
  • Surface area :              2 m2/g
  • Bulk density :              950-1050 kg/m3 (when packed)
  • Specific gravity :         4.8

Test methods

Test methods are available upon request