High performance concrete

For over 30 years, the world’s most prestigious construction projects have put their trust in Elkem Microsilica®.  Microsilica makes concrete stronger, more durable and sustainable.

Case studies

Benefits of Elkem Microsilica® in Concrete

Elkem Microsilica® Powder

Elkem Microsilica® powder for concrete is the original silica fume product.

Grade 970 D for N America

Grade 940

Grade 920E

Grade 920 ASTM

Emsac® 500 Microsilica Slurry

Emsac® 500 is an aqueous suspension of Elkem Microsilica®

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Elkem Microwhite® for Concrete

Elkem Microwhite® is a high purity, white silica fume.  High quality, consistent properties and lightness of colour are the special characteristics of Elkem Microwhite®.

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