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Elkem Microsilica® powder products for concrete & mortar applications

Elkem offers a range of silica fume powder products designed for Portland cement-based concrete, mortar, and grout mixtures. 

In use, Elkem Microsilica® improves the performance of concrete and mortar formulations. It acts physically to optimize particle packing of the concrete or mortar mixture and chemically as a highly reactive pozzolan.

Elkem Silicon Products management system for development, processing & supply of Elkem Microsilica® is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Elkem Microsilica® is available worldwide and is certified to relevant local Standards as applicable, for example, EN 13263 ‘Silica fume for concrete’ or ASTM C1240 'Standard specification for silica fume used in cementitious mixtures. 

Contact us for help choosing the optimum product for your specific application.


Product Data Sheets:

Elkem Microsilica® 920 EN

Elkem Microsilica® 920 NA

Elkem Microsilica® 920 ASTM

Elkem Microsilica® 940