Weighting Agents

Elkem Oilfield has two specialized weighting agents for the industry. MICROMAX™ and MICRODENSE™ weighting agents are unique products, compatible in both water based and oil / synthetic based drilling fluid systems and oil-well cementing. Micromax has been used worldwide to drill and complete challenging wells.  

They provide very low rheological properties, for enhanced wellbore hydraulics, low sag potential and exhibit a green environmental classification.

Our product MICROMAX™ FF is free flow MICROMAX™ product, specifically designed for easy mixing and usage in oil-well cementing operations. Once mixed into the cement slurry or spacer, it performs equally effective as MICROMAX™ weighting agent. It offers excellent dispersion especially for high density applications. It is particulary fit to be used in cement systems with flexible components or fibers, and tailored to answer well stresses.