Acid Corrosion Inhibitors and Intensifiers

Elkem Oilfield’s corrosion inhibitors are used to effectively reduce the corrosion rate of a metal exposed to that environment, thereby extending its lifetime.

By nature of its adsorption on solid surfaces, the corrosion inhibitor is a surface-active agent with a unique purpose; to protect pipe rather than to change acid behavior in the formation. Corrosion inhibitors do not stop corrosion; they greatly reduce the reaction rate of acid with steel. Proper selection and application of corrosion inhibitors also reduce pitting (the tendency of acid to corrode or dissolve metal deeply in specific sites). Corrosion inhibitors are cationic and oil wetter’s. This is the mechanism by which they adsorb on a metal surface and form an oil-wet film to protect the iron from exposure to acid. Plating out and oil wetting also occur in the formation, especially on clay minerals. To compensate for this, other additives, such as surfactants and mutual solvents, are used to restore water-wetness and maximize permeability to oil.

Elkem Oilfield performs extensive laboratory testing in combination with additives to provide data to estimate the time of protection of pipe during the course of acid exposure to tubing in an acid treatment.