Specialized Solvent Systems

A mutual solvent is soluble in either oil or water. It is very effective in sandstone acidizing, where it is important to keep all solids water-wet.

Mutual solvents are either ethylene mono glycol butyl ether (EGMBE) or other modified glycol ethers. They improve the solubility of corrosion inhibitors in the spent acid in the formation and compatibility of inhibitors with emulsion preventers and other additives.

The most important property is to reduce the adsorption of corrosion inhibitors on residual clay particles in the formation and to help maintain water-wetting for maximum oil/gas flow after acidizing.

A mutual solvent also reduces residual water saturation (spent acid) following a treatment. Gas wells clean up better by keeping surfactants in solution rather than adsorbing on sand and clay too near the wellbore.