BLUESIL™ BP 9920, new additive for sustainable coatings

A decorative but durable coating

The vast majority of buildings are made of stone or other mineral materials, such as bricks or concrete. Construction companies and homeowners therefore need decorative coatings that enhance and protect these surfaces against weathering. These products must offer high performance cost-effective solutions delivering durable coatings that generate lower restoration and maintenance costs.

Low water absorption coating properties at low additive dosage

Elkem Silicones has developed Bluesil™ BP 9920, an additive specially designed to increase the water repellency of interior and exterior coatings while maintaining excellent breathability. Bluesil™ BP 9920 is an environmentally friendly water-based emulsion (APEO-free) that is easy to use and to process. It offers a good trade-off between dirt pick-up resistance and beading effect. Another advantage of Bluesil™ BP 9920 is that it provides outstanding performance at a low dosage rate. In fact, only 0,5 to 2% of this silicone additive are needed to assure low water absorption properties. To make sure you get the most out of Bluesil™ BP 9920, you can count on Elkem Silicones technical teams to provide you with support and advice to optimize your formulations.

Highly efficient environmentally friendly additive

Bluesil™ BP 9920 is a solvent-free, water-based additive emulsion providing hydrophobicity at low-dosage levels, delivering breathable coatings which offer:

  • Long lasting protection due to very low water uptake and high beading effect
  • Permeability to water vapor
  • Durable aesthetic appearance
  • Self-cleaning/good washability due to low dirt pick-up tendency
  • Enhanced thermal insulation
  • Outstanding durability
  • Environmental compatibility

In short, Bluesil™​ BP 9920 is a highly efficient environmentally friendly additive that delivers durable, low-maintenance decorative coatings.