Which challenge for the tires of the future?

Mobility is key to human progress. Given that tire manufacturers play an important role in creating mobility, they are thus compelled to continually offer innovations, such as puncture-proof tires. However, they face many financial challenges as the market is increasingly more competitive, consumers more demanding and environmental and safety regulations more stringent. These challenges result in fewer opportunities to sell their tire innovations.

Introducing tomorrow’s tires

Moreover we see new mobility solutions arriving in today’s society. Take for example car sharing, which allows drivers to rent a car for short periods of time, usually by the hour. This type of service, which more often than not is practiced on busy city streets, puts new mechanical strain on cars and increases the risk of tire damage.

In order to keep up with modern performance demands, tires will have to become more resistant to new driving conditions. One way in which tires are being reinvented is with puncture-proof, self-supporting technology.

In slow moving applications like off the road vehicles, be that in roadworks or on the golf green, these new tire prototypes do successfully replace todays tube or tubeless tire technologies. They do not require air inflation as their design is based on an alveolar structure, a honeycomb shape and/or elastomeric spokes. What’s more, suspension is based on an elastomeric polymer composition. The tire’s hollow structure enables suspension to work efficiently, thus guaranteeing a smooth ride while providing the necessary air cooling mechanism.

Say goodbye to flat tires!

Thanks to this innovative architecture based on shapes found in nature, tires can support heavy weights and are no longer susceptible to air loss from punctures, thus eliminating operational losses due to downtime.

Elkem Silicones provides solutions to help you create puncture-proof tires. In addition, we are continually working alongside manufacturers to enhance the performance and design of the tires of tomorrow.