Tissue softener

An increasing demand for softness

Paper is an essential element of our modern lives, while tissue is a kind of paper which has the most contact and closest connection with us. With the development of science and technology, people's quality of life continues to improve, leading to increasing demand for tissues, particularly in the softness which determines the feeling of skin touch as a primary requirement for medium- and high-end tissues.

The improvement of tissue softness is enabled by selection of proper pulp, improvement of beating process or addition of chemical agents during papermaking. Among these methods, addition of chemical agents is the most common way to improve the softness of tissues due to its low investment and ease of operation. In the past, chemicals used as a softening agent are generally debonding products which reduce the binding force between pulp fibers to improve the softness of tissues. However, these chemicals may result in lower tissue strength and increasing levels of dust in the production.

A variety of tissue softeners

The range of quaternary ammonium silicone emulsions developed by Elkem Silicones based on the properties of silicones, may lead to improvement of softness and silk-like smooth feeling for various tissues, with minimum impact on tissue strength.

According to specific requirements of touch feel and production processes, Elkem Silicones provides tissue manufacturers with a variety of tissue softeners for various tissues, including BLUESIL™ EMUL 21610, BLUESIL™ EMUL 21630 and BLUESIL™ FLD 21730 for addition in pulp, as well as other products for direct spray.

Peace of mind for tissue manufacturers and consumers

The tissue softeners  from Elkem Silicones have the following features:

  • Weak cation, excellent adsorption to tissue fibers
  • Significant improvement of touch feel and surface softness of tissues;
  • Emulsions with excellent shear stability are suitable for various additive processes;
  • Treated tissues with good water absorption and permeability;
  • Treated tissues maintain the whiteness;
  • Improvement of antistatic and antibacterial properties of tissues.

With over 60 years of experience in the silicones industry, Elkem Silicones focuses on end users, and always gives priority to product safety. The tissue softeners from Elkem Silicones are tested and proven to be non-toxic harmless to human health and comply with the safety standards for the production and application of various tissues, bringing peace of mind to tissue manufacturers and consumers.