Silicone Anti-Slip: Conveyor Belts

Anti-slip only one of the multiple traits conveyor belts must provide

We depend on belt conveyor systems to move materials, products and other objects from place to place. Conveyor belt surfaces must be anti-slip to keep goods in position, while also able to release the goods they transport without sticking. The coated, rubbery surfaces of conveyor belts may need to be compatible with ingredients in food contact applications. They should also deliver durability and high resistance to temperature, friction and abrasion on textile substrates. Achieving all of these traits in a single conveyor system is a challenge for industries that rely on belt conveyor systems.

Both anti-slip and release properties for conveyor belts  

Silicones are the material of choice to provide anti-slip and release properties at the same time. Elkem Silicones has a long track record of success developing silicones for technical textiles, including conveyor belts. You can depend on the silicones we provide to withstand abrasion and extreme temperatures, delivering the long-lasting durability your belt conveyor systems require. 

Elkem Silicones has developed a product line with different technologies and products that meet such requirements as:

  • Adhesion onto textile substrates
  • High elongation and good retention after thermal aging
  • Can be suitable for food contact

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