The SDG adaptation by all UN member nations also marks a milestone when it comes to sustainability in business. It represented an increased acknowledgement that the private sector needs to play an active role in reaching the 17 SDGs. Companies are urged to use innovation, technology and creativity to address developmental challenges and opportunities where the companies can impact. 

Elkem recognises the responsibility and impact we have in our business activities. We have a responsibility to develop products and processes that improve the quality of life and enable a sustainable low-carbon world, and minimise the negative impact of our activities, both environmental and social. Private sector must actively engage with key stakeholders – including customers, employees, supply chain and suppliers, local communities and authorities to promote a sustainable development for all

In 2020, Elkem updated the materiality assessment for the company. In this work, our highest priority of impact was identified. In that process, the materiality was linked to how we are impacted and can impact the UN SDGs. Although we promote all 17 goals, three SDGs has been identified as most material to Elkem.

More information about the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, have a look at the UN website