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Sustainability targets for 2018

In our sustainability reporting for 2017 we have set some short and long-term targets for us to work towards. As a global company, we affect a and influence the world around us the world around us every day, both near our plants and offices and worldwide, in our supply chain and by selling our products. Our sustainability targets reflect this.

Reporting targets

  • Continue to refine materiality analysis with more comprehensive survey of external stakeholders
  • Integrate the sustainable developments goals more into the report and consider reporting on selected targets

Governance and compliance

Long term goals:

Train all employees at new plants and entities in corporate governance procedures:

  • Code of conduct communication and signatures for all employees 100 per cent
  • Anti-corruption training of target group 100 per cent
  • Competition policy training of target group 100 per cent
  • Compliance with laws and regulations – 0 deviations
  • CSR audits carried out by CSR committee – 8 audits per year

Short term goals:

  • Update corporate governance policies to comply with rules for listed companies at the Oslo Stock Exchange – implement in Elkem ASA

Energy and environment

Long term goals:

  • Energy recovery increase year on year
  • CO₂-goal: on track to reach 20 per cent reduction of fossil emissions in 2020 and 40 per cent by 2030
  • NOₓ goal: reduce emissions from Norwegian smelters by 1000 tonnes by 2025
  • Indirect CO₂ emissions -  stable year on year
  • Zero major environmental spills / incidents

Short term goals:

  • Elkem Fiskaa Carbon SO₂ scrubber and energy recovery unit fully operational by end of 2018
  • Energy recovery project in Salten on track for completion in 202

Attractive employer

Long term goals:

  • Zero recordable injuries
  • Zero cases of serious occupational illness
  • EHS training of all new employees 100 per cent 
  • Increased female share year on year
  • Development discussions 100 per cent

Short term goals:

Map female share in internal governing bodies and start tracking

Social impact

Long term goals:

  • 100 per cent screening of new suppliers for social and environmental criteria
  • Training of target group on human rights 100 per cent
  • Zero incidents involving violation of human rights in supply chain

Short term goals:

  • Implement updated human rights clauses through training of target employees
  • Implement templates and reporting procedures for more systematic stakeholder engagement
  • Map community programmes at all plants and units
  •  Implementation of supply chain risk management IT application on track

Sustainability report 2018

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