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Highlights from the 2019 report

How did we do in 2019? The sustainability report covers all material topics to Elkem, but here are some top take-aways from the report.

Elkem is a signatory to the UN Global Compact. We base our definition of social responsibility on the UN Global Compact’s four main principles. We have written an article on our policies and progress according the principles. Read more by following the link here.

Our sustainability work, and therefore our reporting, has been grouped into four topics; compliance and governance, energy and environment, attractive employer and societal impact. These topics are based on what we consider material topics for Elkem.



Governance and compliance

  • Updated global misconduct reporting system, Speak up channel, for all employees and partners.
  • Zero identified incidents of anti-competitive behaviour.
  • No identified incidents of bribery and corruption.
  • All employees have confirmed their commitment to the code of conduct.


Attractive employer

  • Injury severity: Total recordable injury rate at 2,2 (H1+H2). 
  • Diversity and equality: There was one incident reported to corporate level. The incident was partly due to cultural differences and was managed through coaching and training.
  • Female share: 25%
    • 50% of female employees invited to Elkem’s leadership training programmes.
    • Female participation rate in Elkem’s leadership training programmes increased from 25% to 32%.
  • Child and forced labour: No reported incidents.


 Energy and environment

  • Total gross electricity consumption: 6 010 GWh, down from 6 228 GWh in 2018.
  • Total CO₂ emissions: reduced from 2,54 to 2.15 million tonnes.
    • 81% of our emissions is from our smelters.
  • Total NOₓ emissions: reduced from 7 070 to 6 718 tonnes. Reduced by 13% since 2015.
  • 38% reduction of dust emissions since 2015.

Societal impact

  • Active supply base of 15,000 suppliers globally
  • NOK 16 billion in procurement
  • 100% of new raw material suppliers subject to supplier audits.
  • Human rights violation in supply chain: No reported incidents.