Societal impact

Elkem believes that sustainability is a core responsibility as well as a prerequisite in order to be at the forefront of our industry and to remain competitive in the future. Apart from our own operations, Elkem also has a significant social, environmental and economical footprint through procurement of raw materials, capital goods and services. The process industry plays a major role in the transition to a low carbon society and in mitigating the climate change effects.

Possibilities and challenges inherent in moving towards a more sustainable world is part of Elkem’s company risk assessments, divided into relevant areas such as market risk, EHS risk, CSR risk and financial risk.

Global megatrends affect our business strategy and drive Elkem’s growth, requiring that we specialise our operations and focus our products and solutions on future needs. Six megatrends have been identified as strategically important to Elkem, driving the demand for our products: Sustainability, energy demand growth, rapid urbanisation, increased standard of living, ageing and growing population, and digitalisation.


Human rights
No identified incidents of human rights abuse.
16 billion NOK
Total procurement spend in 2019.
Screening of suppliers
All new raw material suppliers are subject to supplier audit (ex. China).

Elkem's societal impact