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Medical-grade silicones for dental impression

Vinylpolysiloxanes (VPS) are widely used in dentistry to make impression of hard and soft oral tissues, and our easy-to-handle addition-cure VPS silicones offer excellent reproduction of details.

Dental impression materials and addition-cure silicones

Dental impression materials are used to make replicas of hard and soft oral tissues for the purposes of making models for study, diagnosis, or the fabrication of prosthetic devices. 

Addition-cure silicones, also called vinylpolysiloxanes (VPS), provide a variety of benefits compared to other materials:

  • No dimensional change upon setting or storage
  • Suitable working times and working characteristics
  • Suitable physical properties (hardness, strength, etc.)
  • Excellent reproduction of details
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Optimum colors for high visibility
  • Easy to dispense, easy to use
  • Work with a variety of techniques 

Elkem Silicones is exclusively a private label and B-to-B supplier. We develop and manufacture high-quality dental materials using our own technology, which ensures high fidelity, reliable impression and reproduction in a short period of time. Our large range of Silbione™ impression materials offers a very high level of hydrophilicity, high thixotropy but are very fluid under shear, which makes them easy to handle during use.

Elkem Silicones' capabilities cover all main VPS technologies: 

  • Putty: Pastes for first impression
  • Body: Fluids for second impression (Light Body, Regular Body, Heavy Body)
  • Bite Registration: High-hardness materials (up to 90 Shore A) for dental alignment
  • Soft Liner: Used to reline dentures
  • 5:1 ratio products: In 380 mL cartridges, suitable for automatic mixing machines 

In addition, our silicone experts are able to develop tailor-made grades matching your performance or brand requirements (adjusted kinetics, viscosity, color, etc.).

Silbione™ Dental Applications Product range for Private Label

Silbione™ Dental Applications Product range for Private Label

Discover our expanding Silbione™ product line for Medical Grade elastomers for high fidelity dental applications

At Elkem Silicones, we have dedicated people located around the globe, committed to your success. Whether you are looking for a product recommendation, for customized silicone solutions, or for regulatory support, we have the people in place when and where you want them. If you have a medical device related project, contact us and our experts will be there to help.  

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