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Medical-grade silicones for dental model duplication

Silicone elastomers have long been used to reproduce dental gypsum models, and we offer a variety of high-hardness, low-viscosity or hydrophilic medical-grade products for high-fidelity duplication.

Addition-cure silicones in dental laboratories

Low viscosity addition-cure silicones have long been used in dental laboratories to cast accurate reproduction of gypsum models because of their simplicity to use and superior accuracy.

Elkem Silicones' laboratory duplication provide the following benefits:

  • High fluidity
  • Quick pot life (5 to 6’)
  • High tear resistance for a trouble-free removal of the model
  • Accurate detail reproduction
  • Low linear shrinkage, mold is stable over time
  • High resistance to inorganic chemicals and UV rays
  • No release of toxic substances during and after curing
  • Good release properties with organic resin and hydrated plaster of Paris

Elkem Silicones is exclusively a B2B supplier and offers the following addition-cure silicone technologies for dental laboratory brands:

  • High-hardness duplication pastes
  • Low viscosity duplication Fluids
  • Hydrophilic Duplication Fluids

In addition, our silicone experts are able to develop tailor-made grades matching your performance or brand requirements (adjusted kinetics, viscosity, color, etc.)

Medical grade High Consistency Rubber for Healthcare Applications

Medical Grade Silicone Soft Elastomers for Healthcare application

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At Elkem Silicones, we have dedicated people located around the globe, committed to your success. Whether you are looking for a product recommendation, for customized silicone solutions, or for regulatory support, we have the people in place when and where you want them.

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