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Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives for splicing tapes

Splice a variety of substrates with silicone PSAs for splicing tapes

SILCOLEASE™ release coatings

Wide-web label and tape manufacturers have to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal interruptions and stops to make their process economical & cost-efficient. To achieve this, they use automated turrets that allow a 'flying splice', whereby the trailing edge of the previous roll comes into contact with the leading edge of the new roll and entrains it into the process.

When the rolls are silicone-coated (and hence low-surface-energy), a silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) is ideal on the splicing tape to hold the trailing edge and leading edge of the paper together. This is because they provide reliable adhesion to a variety of surfaces over a wide range of temperatures, even when the surfaces have low surface energy. 

Key attributes of silicone PSAs for splicing tape applications

SILCOLEASE™ silicone PSAs have all the key attributes tape engineers are seeking for:

  • Quick adherence to silicone surfaces, films, papers, and a variety of substrates within seconds. SILCOLEASE™ PSAs offer a range of low, medium, and high tack levels
  • Good shear performance to withstand the shock of the flying splice, moving through the coating heads, and the high tension of the paper or film during the web coating process
  • High temperature resistance, to survive oven temperatures up to 250 °C.
Silicone-based PSAs for splicing labels and tapes in successive rolls
Silicone-based PSAs for splicing labels and tapes in successive rolls

Partnering with Elkem for silicone PSAs

  • Our global technical experts will assist you with selecting the right system for your application
  • We offer training, troubleshooting, and technical assistance when you need it most
  • Our knowledge and experience will allow you to get your products to market faster
  • We work with you to deliver silicone solutions with a personal touch.

Elkem product technologies

SILCOLEASE™ silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are available with peroxide-cure PSA technology. 

SILCOLEASE™ pressure-sensitive adhesives

This guide will provide you with more information about silicones for PSA applications

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