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Elkem Silicones MIX&FIX CENTER™

A tailored service for designing and providing the perfect heat-cured silicone rubber for your application.

The Challenge

Silicone Rubber Compounds are used in a vast range of applications, from industrial processing to consumer products. Customers often require tailor-made solutions that clearly meet their specifications. The design and production of these custom compounds must be done quickly and accurately, and then delivered in the format and quantities that suit customer procurement and production processes.

Why Us

Our MIX&FIX CENTER™, the Elkem's Silicones compounding network, are located in the heart of major elastomer and rubber producing regions to closely respond to customer needs. Besides supplying master batches, they advise customers and provide them with custom-made formulations from the SILBIONE™ & BLUESIL™ HCR (High Consistency Rubber) range with very short lead times that meet their specifications and are compatible with their manufacturing requirements.

Our teams of silicone rubber experts are always available to meet you, listen to you and help determine your needs, as they have done for over 30 years.

They can then develop specific and innovative solutions to produce the ingredients and formulations you need in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our process experts provide support for implementation to make sure our products are properly integrated into your manufacturing processes. Their ultimate goal: to provide you with the best tailor-made products and services in order to help you to satisfy your own customer.


Customers obtain solutions in a guaranteed supply-chain system. This includes risk management based on double-sourcing plans, which means you always receive the products you need on time. Elkem Silicones also provides a Reprocessing Service to its clients through its MIX&FIX CENTER™, conveniently located in Europe (sites in Italy, UK and Spain), Turkey, China and North and South America. Customers can send samples of their out of shelf-life silicone rubbers to these centers and explain the characteristics needed for the use of their stocks. Elkem Silicones experts analyze these samples to see if they are reusable in their current state or if they can be reprocessed.

Other services include regulatory support, assistance to roll out productivity programs, training for your teams and collaborative work on new developments. In short, our MIX&FIX CENTER™ are geared to provide you with the best products and all the advices, supports and services you need to implement the right solutions in your operations.

At the end, you satisfy your customer & improve your position on the market thanks to the best supplier support.

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