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Crop care

Silicone Antifoams for Crop Care

Crop science specialists and manufacturers are constantly innovating to produce better and safer agrochemicals to meet the agricultural challenge to feed the world's growing population. Agricultural silicone ingredients are essential in this quest to protect and enhance crops. Elkem products enhance crop science manufacturers' productivity, facilitate spreading and wetting performances on the plant. Our experts are available worldwide to advise you and work collaboratively with you to find the solutions you need.

Our crop science formulation ingredients are used in a wide range of applications.

You can rely on SILCOLAPSE™ and BLUESIL™ ranges. 

SILCOLAPSE™ silicone Foam Control Agents are used for Crop protection and defense products such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant nutrients and plant growth regulators, home & garden pest control products, and crop nutrition (specialty fertilizers). 

Our SILCOLAPSE™ products optimize production and processing through formulations that are specifically packaged to be used as tank mix adjuvants, crop protection and crop nutrition products as super spreaders and wetting agents and improving the efficiency of actives in plants.

SILCOLAPSE™ products are highly safe and environmentally compatible.

The foam is a two-phase media where gas is dispersed throughout a continuous fluid phase. Its formation can lead to process and equipment failure or even safety and environmental hazards.

Our SILCOLAPSE™ and BLUESIL™ products prevent, reduce or eliminate foam during the formulation and application of your crop protection and crop nutrition products. They improve the spreading and wetting performance on your plants, save water, improve your productivity and protect crops. All of our products comply with international regulatory standards for people and environment

From dedicated product development to on-site technical services, our people are here to provide you with the best product, process and application guidance.

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SILCOLAPSE™ for Crop Care, grow more with less

Choose cutting-edge materials to optimize crop protection and crop nutrition formulations during your manufacturing and growing processes, better and safer than most chemicals, you can rely on SILCOLAPSE™ and BLUESIL™ ranges to...

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