Products for Fibre Cement

Elkem Microsilica® has been an important additive for the fiber cement industry for many years. It is particularly beneficial in the Hatschek process when asbestos is replaced with alternative fibres.

Elkem Microsilica® acts as a dispersion aid in the wet recipe, improves plastic properties in ‘green’ sheets and then increases hardened performance. Elkem Microsilica® improves overall durability and performance in fibre cement products.

Fibre Cement applications of Elkem Microsilica® include:

  • Flat and Corrugated sheets
  • Slates and Tiles
  • Siding Boards
  • Pipes and Mouldings


Information about the Elkem Microsilica® product range for construction applications is included in the Elkem Microsilica® App - Available at Google Play or Contact Us