COMPACTMAG™ nodulariser


Producing compacted graphite iron by either undertreating with MgFeSi or by making a good ductile iron and then adding titanium are both unreliable methods with narrow production parameters. Treatment with COMPACTMAG™ alloy gives you far more reliable results, with wider production windows and without the addition of harmful titanium.

  • Specially designed alloy for structure control in compacted graphite iron (CGI)
  • Cost effective alternative to titanium providing better machinability and a minimum of slag and dross
  • Contains carefully balanced Mg, Ca, and RE for optimum CGI production
  • The high Rare Earth content ensures a minimum of section sensitivity in the CGI microstructure
  • Recommended for low sulphur base irons, and can be used in both ladle and in-the-mould treatment processes
  • COMPACTMAG alloy allows for fully mixing the CGI returns with ductile returns without causing any harmful interactions


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