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Elmag® nodulariser



Nodularising treatment using MgFeSi alloys rather than pure Mg generates more nuclei for nodule formation, resulting in higher nodule count and better mechanical properties.

Elmag Mg-metal treatment          Elmag Mg-FeSi treatment

MgFeSi should be regarded as a speciality product in today’s iron foundry environment of tight production schedules and quality requirements. Elmag® nodularisers are precision made to narrow specifications compared to other materials available on the market. This ensures that the alloy recovery and consistency of your iron treatment process are maximised.

  • A wide range of MgFeSi grades to accommodate each foundry’s treatment process
  • Speciality treatment alloys for specific metal grades and applications in the foundry industry
  • Narrow product specifications to give highest consistency of Mg recovery
  • Reduced slag inclusions, improved nodule counts, nodularity and structures
  • Cost-effective with lower environmental impact and reduced fume
  • Production close to major foundry clusters