PRESEED™ preconditioner

This preconditioner has been proven to be an effective furnace addition for cast irons. Small additions of PRESEED™ preconditioner both increase the number of available nucleation sites in the base iron and at the same time stabilise these crucial particles to give a long-lasting effect that can be measured right through to the final properties of the solidified iron.

PRESEED™ product enhances the formation of type “A” graphite in grey iron, using closely controlled additions of aluminium and zirconium to condition manganese sulphide particles which act as nuclei for graphite precipitation. PRESEED™ preconditioner will also retain oxide activity in the base iron so that oxygen is available for the formation of magnesium silicate nuclei in ductile iron. This will generate more nuclei and increase nodule density.

  • Consistency in base irons leading to more uniform casting properties
  • Improved graphite morphology
  • Reduced shrinkage and carbide formation
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Reduction in pig iron usage


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