Improving rheology and processing

Reducing friction

Traditional process aids/lubricants are surface active substances that reduce the interfacial tension between surfaces– this often leads to softening of the compound and reduction of physical properties, thermal ageing and oil/chemical resistance. Our alternative is “the SIDISTAR-way”,- using spherical particles, which reduce friction by minimizing the contact area between surfaces. - When the particles are small enough, like the 150 nm particles of SIDISTAR™ product, only limited effects on properties can be expected.

Our product SIDISTARoffers improved processing and surface finish. These effects can be obtained both in rubbers as well as in thermoplastic compounds. Our customers use these properties in applications like cable compounds, flame retardant compounds, , conveyor belts as well as printer rolls etc.

The SIDISTAR “ball bearing effect” has a clear advantages for both cured as well as uncured compounds. Significant improvements in mixing energy and efficiency are observed. There are cases where the number of mixing cycles could be reduced from 3 passes into just 2 passes with improved homogeneity of the final compound.