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Polymer additives for coatings

Polymer additives enhance the performance of thermoplastics, rubber compounds and coatings, providing critical features such as better processing and, for end-users, excellent product features.

Our product SIDISHIELD™ is a multifunctional additive for coatings which provides advantages during the production, the application and the final use of the coating. It can be used in water born, solvent based, 2-component and powder coatings. SIDISHIELD™ additive is available both in a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic variety.

SIDISHIELD™ additive for coatings


SIDISHIELD™ C25 is a specially designed light-coloured coating additive consisting of spherical, submicron particles of amorphous silicon dioxide.
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Spacer effect for pigments and carbon black

Our product SIDISHIELD™ acts as spacer for pigment and carbon black colour concentrates for paints and powder coatings. Addition of SIDISHIELD™ additive advances the colour strength development which can be used to reduce the loading of costly pigments. At the same time, SIDISHIELD™ product helps to prevent re-agglomeration/flocculation of e.g. carbon black pigmented systems, during processing or storage.

Improved scratch resistance of the final coating/powder coating film

Our product SIDISHIELD™ C25 improves scratch, abrasion, scrub/adhesive tape test resistance of coatings and powder coatings. Small amounts of SIDISHIELD™ C25 product improves the resistance of the final coating/powder coating film when applied as e.g. flooring and wind power rotor blade protection or pipe inner coatings/powder coating etc.

Scratch test - No SIDISHIELD™
Scratch test - No SIDISHIELD™
Scratch test - 1% SIDISHIELD™
Scratch test - 1% SIDISHIELD™

Rheology modification

The Nano sized spheres of SIDISHIELD™ C 25 product allow it to work as “ball bearings” in a filled coating/powder coating. As shear forces are applied, SIDISHIELD™ C 25 particles will minimize the contact area of solid particles and, as the spheres are not attached to the matrix, they are able to roll on contact. This leads to a decreased viscosity of the coatings, or the extruder back pressure, when extruding powder coatings. In coatings/powder coatings this effect can be used to fill the entire formulation higher and therefore, in coatings, decrease the VOC content (by higher solids loading). This” ball bearing effect” will also result in better flow of the coatings/powder coatings and, most times, increase the gloss of the final applied films. (Hence this is why our product SIDISHIELD™ C 25 is not recommended as a matting agent).

Polymer additives: maintaining Elkem’s leadership through sustainable technology

Polymer additives for coatings and paints are constantly evolving, driven by a need for greater energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability requirements, including longer lifecycles and the reduction of VOCs and other hazardous solvents.

Sustainability at Elkem

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check our webpage.

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