Medical grade Silicones for orthotics and prosthetics

Manufacturers of prosthetics devices, such as artificial limbs, use silicones for their mechanical properties and for the comfort they provide for end users. Prosthetics devices made with silicones are lightweight and feature outstanding feel and appearance features. 

In the case of prosthetic liners, for example, silicones are used to create soft and flexible materials that can be shaped over the patient's residual limb for protection against contact with a prosthetic device. Silicone liners reduce swelling, avoid skin abrasions and lessen the pain that amputees often experience. Compared to other carbon-based materials, silicones are known to be more durable and provoke less skin irritation. 

Elkem Silicone’s range of medical grade Silbione™ Soft Elastomers (RTVs)and Gels provides a variety of benefits in the following applications : 

Silbione™ Soft Elastomers allow designers and manufacturers of prostheses and artificial limbs to :

  • Create end products with a life-like feel
  • Optimize comfort for the end user thanks to a wide range of hardness (starting from Shore A 1)
  • Improve the durability of the final piece with exceptional mechanical properties
  • Increase their productivity with easy to mix and degas low viscosity silicone RTVs

Breast Forms & Cushions

Elkem Silicones has been developing over the years a wide range of very soft silicone gels for the manufacturing of pressure ulcer preventing cushions and breast forms. Our offering includes :

  • A wide variety of visco-elastic properties for a realistic feel and rebound
  • Low density gels for lightweight external breast prostheses
  • Tailor-made grades matching specific needs

Modern insoles and orthoses typically use soft silicone elastomers (RTVs) to absorb some of the bodyweight or pressure and prevent further damage to the limb. Our range of Silbione™ RTV offers :

  • Extremely soft materials (down to 11 durometer in Shore 00) for sensitive limb parts
  • Proven damping and rebound properties for such applications
  • Outstanding compromise between low viscosity and mechanical performances

Learn more about our Silbione™ ranges of medical-grade Soft Elastomers (RTVs) and Gels on the dedicated product pages or by downloading our brochure.

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