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Highlights from the 2020 ESG report

The ESG report covers all material topics for Elkem. Here are some key takeaways and highlights from our 2020 work regarding sustainability.

The sustainability work in Elkem is guided by what is material to the company, aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative recommendations. You can find out more about what is material to Elkem here. The ESG report has been prepared according to the prioritisation of what is material to Elkem. The full report is available here.

Increased attention to sustainability internally in the company and externally from society as a whole is a big business opportunity for Elkem. In the report you find information about our reporting principles, stakeholder engagement and progress when it comes to material targets. For the first time, the report is called an ESG report highlighting the way sustainability is integrated in the company.

Highlights 2020.png

Key events

The recent years’ projects clearly demonstrate Elkem’s capability to drive development of new green technologies. Elkem is actively using its competence to develop new sustainable business areas:

■ Battery Materials is a unique growth opportunity based on graphite and silicon. Elkem is developing a pilot plant for battery graphite. In August 2020, Elkem selected Herøya Industrial Park in Norway as the site for a potential large-scale plant.

■ Biocarbon is a potential breakthrough technology for carbon neutral metals. In September 2020, Elkem decided to invest in a new biocarbon pilot plant in Canada.

■ Energy recovery represents circular solutions for lower emissions and higher efficiency. Elkem expects to open a new energy recovery plant at Salten in Norway in 2021.

Sustainability agenda and results

Our reporting targets have been set to improve the transparency towards all our stakeholders. In 2020, Elkem achieved a A rating from the CDP for the first time, and secured our gold rating in Ecovadis for the second year. The ratings recognises our efforts on transparency and actions when it comes to climate change mitigation and overall sustainability efforts and disclosures. 2020 also marks our first reporting on our impact on the UN SDGs

Elkem’s mission is to provide advanced material solutions shaping a better and more sustainable future, adding value to our stakeholders globally. To make sure we are aligned with our mission, we track our performance on key material topics. 

Sustainability agenda and results 2021.jpg

*based on our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting.

Elkem bases the definition on corporate responsibility on the UN Global Compact’s principles on human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption compliance. More information about how our work is aligned with the principles here