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Silicone Manufacturer

Elkem Silicones, a global integrated silicone manufacturer, proud of the personal touch that embodies our products and services.

​Elkem Silicones: a global silicone manufacturer and a reliable partner

While establishing your list of candidate materials for your next project you most likely crossed the road of silicone. In fact the inherent properties of silicones brought by their unique chemical structure enables great flexibility; That makes them the key material when you need high product performance.​ Not only do we provide the very best high-quality silicone products, we also work collaboratively with you in identifying innovative trends, regulatory requirements and supply-chain solutions to ensure you receive the silicone products you need on time and in the most convenient formats for your manufacturing processes. And, most importantly, we invest to grow and develop to keep in step with your current and future needs.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain further information on silicone performance, its processability, cost assessments and to ask any questions, including its environmental impact. Our role is to understand you and your business, in order to empower you to deliver your potential.​

Elkem Silicones: as an innovative silicone producer and supplier mastering the full value chain

Let’s begin by looking at how our wide range of silicone products have been developed from our silicon plants and our silicone laboratories to serve end users, via our factories and customers who make the end products. Silicon, the main chemical element used in silicones, does not exist in a pure form naturally, but is found in the silicates in sand or rock form. These silicates are processed to obtain compounds, which are then exposed to chemical reactions designed to produce the final silicone products. Silicones are then transformed to become very high-performance polymers. Elkem Silicones, the result of the merger between Bluestar Silicones and Elkem, enables us to be active throughout this silicate-to-silicone value chain, from the making of silicon to the manufacturing of the final product. Elkem Group (Norway), with whom we have merged, supplies raw materials to the Elkem Silicones Roussillon plant (France) and the ground silicon is mixed with methyl chloride and transformed through different stages of synthesis into chlorosilanes and then siloxanes. Siloxanes are then taken to downstream production plants all over the world to be transformed into rubber silicone ingredients or compounds in the form of fluids, resins and elastomers.

Our commitment : As a silicone manufacturer we must use the best quality silicon. This is why we merged with Elkem Norway, which transforms silicates to silicon, giving us full control in vertical integration, a secure supply source and consistent quality raw materials.

Because we care, from the very start we make sure we produce silicon in an environmentally responsible way. See our video :

Discover our silicones solutions

Our worldwide network of silicone factories

We operate worldwide through a network of nine silicone production sites, conveniently located close to our customers’ manufacturing facilities.

Europe (five plants)

  • Saint-Fons, FRANCE
  • Roussillon, FRANCE
  • Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, SPAIN
  • Lübeck, GERMANY
  • Caronno Pertusella, ITALY

Asia (two plants)

  • Xinghuo, CHINA
  • Shanghai, CHINA
  • Guangdong,CHINA
  • Yongdend, CHINA
  • Navi Mumbai, INDIA
  • Seongnam, SOUTH KOREA

North America

  • York, SC, USA

South America

  • Joinville, BRAZIL​

This global presence enables us to ensure secure and flexible supplies for our customers. We operate specific workshops to produce our various silicone technologies:

Since innovation is our key driver and the base for our commitment to our markets, we continuously invest to improve our workshops, using state-of-the-art equipment and processes to provide top quality silicones. ​

Silicone products and materials: a shining example

We surely have a silicone product that meets your needs, since its versatile qualities make it a material of choice for many applications. For example, huge glass surfaces are one of the main features of great modern architecture. Silicones are essential to create the flexible joints that bond and insulate these structures, while providing efficient and durable protection against environmental pressure, including temperature variations, wind, humidity and rain, as well as sun and UV rays. The 22,000m2 Musée des Confluences in Lyon, where Elkem Silicones is headquartered, and the world-famous Louvre glass pyramids both in France, to name but those, were both made using our silicones.

Silicone provides buildings with energy efficiency and safety, in particular reliable fire protection. This is probably one of the most significant "hidden" features of silicones. We produce a wide range of fire inhibitors that protect people and property. And when fires do break out, our silicone cable and electrical insulators ensure that damage is limited and that firefighters and other first responders can get their jobs done safely and efficiently. Fire protection silicones include specialty products such as HCR (High Consistency Rubber) silicones used in automotive applications, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables for protection in high-risk or harsh environments and custom-designed insulators to protect power lines and transformers.

If you cannot find a solution available in our product range that corresponds to your needs, we will design and deliver a tailor-made product for you. Learn more about these customized solutions by exploring our branded Mix & Fix centers.​

Elkem Silicones R&I: listening, sharing knowledge and innovating

As a manufacturer of advanced silicone solutions for 70 years, we believe that knowledge sharing is at the heart of everything we do to create a wide range of applications and take these products to market. To begin with, we listen to our customers so that the input they provide enables us to understand their needs. Second our commercial, marketing, R&I and production teams share knowledge to ensure that we understand our customers' environments and leverage our know-how to continue to improve and innovate. Finally, we enjoy most sharing the knowledge of how our customers succeed with our products and services.

Our 11 R&I centers in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia-Pacific are located in key industrial regions, conveniently located for end users so that we can work closely and collaboratively with them, offering tailored solutions for local markets and specialty applications. Our R&I centers work to produce advanced silicone solutions and have a credo they all live by: agile innovation. This means being responsive to customers' needs and innovating as quickly and competitively as possible to provide added value to our industrial customers and their end customers.

Our R&I and labs are conveniently located throughout the world, making our silicone knowledge accessible in all languages and providing you with innovation at your doorstep, with fast access to new product samples or quick laboratory tests and analyses. ​

Working with you to comply with applicable silicone regulations and certification processes

As a trusted silicone manufacturer, we provide our customers with technical and regulatory support, as well as robust testing methods so that they can comply with the highest national and international standards. You can easily access all our quality process certifications in the dedicated pages of our production site. You can also see the safety data sheet we provide for each of our products. For those customers who have more customized requests, we continue to invest in international Quality and Product Stewardship and our specialist teams are geared to provide you with the documentation you require for you and your customers to strengthen and secure your market presence and efficiency. ​​

A benchmark silicone manufacturer: creating value through our Values and caring for people

Elkem's Values form the foundation for the way we do business. Our dedicated employees base their work on Involvement, Respect, Precision and Continuous Improvement.


  1. Involvement means working with all our internal and external stakeholders, to increase our ability to learn and develop new solutions.
  2. Respect is about being fair, open and honest, trusting our colleagues and partners and appreciating diversity in local communities and different cultures.
  3. Precision expresses itself through our work to develop and follow standards of best practices and safe and stable production, to improve our performance.
  4. Continuous improvement means that we are always looking for improvement potential, keeping an open mind and always ready to learn and share our knowledge.

A silicone manufacturer working closely with distributors to ensure customer satisfaction

Quality for us begins by providing our customers with the products and services they expect, on time and at the agreed cost. As a silicone manufacturer we often supply large quantities of silicones to our customers directly, but we have also established a dense network of distributors to make sure that smaller businesses or manufacturers in remote areas can have access to the same top quality materials as bigger businesses in major manufacturing centers.

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