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Elkem Bjølvefossen

  • 2 reduction furnaces
  • 155 employees
  • Production of 120 grades of nodularisers and speciality FeSi products
  • Annual capacity of 60.000 mt

The plant is situated in the beautiful natural surroundings of the small town of Åvik, in the western part of Norway. Its name comes from the very lifeblood of the melting works, namely the waterfalls of the Bjølvo watercourse.

The plant was founded in 1905 to develop and exploit the hydroelectric power resources. Since the 1920s, Bjølvefossen has been producing ferroalloys for the international iron and steel industry.

Today the plant specialises in producing ferrosilicon and magnesium-ferrosilicon master alloys. Bjølvefossen is amongst the world’s largest producers of magnesium-ferrosilicon.

Three reduction furnaces deliver the base metal, which is then alloyed and refined to the right quality of ferrosilicon or magnesium-ferrosilicon. The plant’s furnaces are of relatively modest size and allow the plant’s flexibility to custom-make products to suit customer’s needs.

“Most employees in Bjølvefossen have a long history with us and a long experience and work here for more than 10 – 30 years.”