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Elkem Salten

Elkem Salten is located in Straumen in the municipality of Sørfold, 100 km north of the Arctic Circle. Salten is a 1150 km drive from Oslo and 1000 km from North Cape. The closest neighbouring towns are Fauske and Bodø.

Construction of the plant began in the mid-1960's and the first electric smelting furnace came into operation in 1967. Three years later a second furnace was added, and in 1972 the third and largest furnace began producing ferrosilicon.

Over the years, the operation has been upgraded towards higher silicon purity and Elkem Salten is now one of the world’s largest and most modern silicon plants exporting silicon and silica fume products worldwide. 

Watch the video of the new energy recovery plant, that is to be finished in the fall of 2020, which will position Elkem Salten to become one of the most energy effective silicon plants in the world.

The main products from Elkem Salten are silicon with purity in the range of 96 - 99 %, Elkem Microsilica® and SIDISTAR®