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Silicones for industrial assembly and Electronics Protection

Industrial assembly: sealing and bonding applications.

Industrialists in a wide range of industries – aeronautics & aerospace, automotive, railways, home appliances, solar energy and many others - need high-performance silicone solutions for sealing and bonding. 

The materials used in these applications must be durable, safe and, depending on their use, must offer exceptional adhesion and outstanding mechanical performances, as well as resistance to extreme temperature variations, corrosive fluids and fire.

Our product range is dedicated to the following end uses:

Industrial and professional range:

  • Assembly and repair on automated industrial production lines,
  • Sealing/bonding for automated mass production [applications and processing requiring high service levels (occasional or prolonged contact with chemicals and lubricants, temperature differences, etc.)
  • Supplies to professionals (installers, assemblers, heating engineers, electricians, mechanics and other professionals, specifically in renovation)
  • General assembly for sealing, bonding and damping, providing anti-vibration and other key properties.

Maintenance range:

  • Maintenance of industrial sites or offshore platforms
  • Repair/maintenance of air, rail, maritime fleets
  • Automotive repair for professionals and consumers.

Protection, coating and potting range:

  • Insulation, coating, potting and sealing of electrical and electronic assembly.

High-performance assembly and protection range:

  • Sealing, bonding and protection of assembled units subject to high constraints in terms of adhesion, temperature and/or corrosion and UV resistance

The major features & benefits of our silicone solutions are:

  • Outstanding bonding properties on a wide variety of surfaces: glass, metal and plastics
  • Outstanding heat stability over a wide temperature range (- 70 °C to + 350 °C: UV, weathering, salt mist, etc.)
  • Very good natural ageing resistance: long-lasting mechanical properties: sealing joints and very long-lasting flexible bonding applications
  • High insulating and thermal protection capacities
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Very chemicaly inert

Elkem Silicones has been providing sealing and bonding solutions as well as electronics protection to a wide range of industries for over 30 years. 

Our dedicated teams support you from product approval to after-sales technical services, including prototype production. With very high-performance facilities and unique know-how, our teams can validate technical solutions in the laboratory to cover all industrial applications that require bonding, sealing, electronics protection or lubrication. We then test on-site performance in conjunction with your teams to define and determine the optimal solution for your processes, and to obtain final approval of your end customer. Before ramping up to industrial-scale production, limited prototype series can be produced inhouse by our technical laboratories, with access to a dispensing robot to manufacture parts. Our technical teams provide services on demand to customers to assist and advise them throughout the production phase.

Our global presence and supply-chain services, our high quality standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, PPAP approach, ISO EN 9100 for aeronautics & aerospace) have made us a supplier and partner of choice. We are available to help you find the right sealing and bonding solutions using our customized range of :

  • CAF™ and CAF™ AXAD accelerated elastomers (RTV-1) for all your assembly, protection, and maintenance needs,
  • BLUESIL™ ESA (RTV-2 and Gels) for all your assembly and electronics protection and encapsulation,
  • BLUESIL™ RTV (RTV-2) for Electronics protection and functional parts molding,
  • BLUESIL™ RTFoam for all assembly gasketing, thermal insulation and fire protection,
  • BLUESIL™ Pastes and Greases for Lubrication and Electronics protection.

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