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Bakery & Food

Silicone release coatings help create baking and cooking liners offering optimal release and greaseproof whether for home or professional use. 

Silicone emulsion systems can be applied in-line on paper machines as well as coated off-line on a paper base.

SILCOLEASE™ release coatings

Commonly used in food preparation in parchment papers and baking tray liners, silicone release non-stick coatings are widely used to prevent batters from sticking to pan liners. These silicone release coated papers are designed to handle the higher temperature baking conditions. Using these non-stick coated baking papers or liners make the baking process easier, reduce the cleanup time, and allow food to be removed quickly and efficiently with less effort and waste. These release coated papers are biodegradable and compostable according to applicable industry standards.

What are the key factors for efficient silicone Silcolease™ systems for bakery applications?

Release coating bakery liner
Release coating bakery liner

Elkem offers a range of SilcoleaseTM silicone release coatings for bakery and cooking applications, which can be applied in-line at the paper machine or applied off-line on a separate coater.  These materials can be applied and cured quickly to offer the following features: 

  • Reliable and consistent release force
  • Excellent adhesion to glassine, parchment papers, or hybrid papers commonly used in the food industry
  • Are suitable for both single use and multi-use bakery market
  • Water repellent, greaseproof, high temperature resistant, non-stick coatings with a range of release values to handle a variety of recipes, including those with high fat content
  • Good machinability, fast cure, and low dusting for high-speed paper coating operations to maximize throughput
  • Compatible with most on-line and off-line coating processes
  • Food contact approved, with options for Kosher, Halal and other certifications

Why partner with Elkem for optimized silicone release coating systems?

  • Our global technical experts will assist you with selecting the right system for your application.
  • We offer training, troubleshooting, and technical assistance when you need it most.
  • Our knowledge and experience will allow you to get your products to market faster.
  • We work with you to deliver Silicone solutions with a personal touch.

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