Silica to Prevent Strength Retrogression

Elkem Oilfield has a broad range of silica products to tackle  strength retrogression. Silica is available as Microsilica, Silica sand and Silica flour, in different sizes.

Silica is used to counteract and control strenght retrogression. Strength retrogression is prevented by the addition of 30 - 40% BWOC silica flour.

Strength retrogression is defined as a change in the hydration products that are formed when cement is exposed to high temperatures (>110°C / 230°F). It can be described as a decline of cement strength at elevated temperatures where decreased strength is observed with increasing time.

When strenght retrogression occures, not only is there a reduction in the strength of cement, but also an increase in permeability which compromize zonal isolation.