Improving Rheology / Processing

Improving extrusion processes

The tiny perfect spheres of SIDISTAR product allows it to work as “ball bearings” in a filled compound. As shear forces are applied, SIDISTAR particles will minimize the contact area of solid particles and, as the spheres are not attached to the matrix, they are able to roll on contact.  This phenomenon can be observed in a lower extrusion back pressure, and a lowering of the mixing energy. Our product SIDISTAR is often used, in low loadings, to reduce the build-up of “die-drool” or “plate-out”. Since the SIDISTAR spheres reduce the friction between the extrudate and the die, the extrudate will get a more uniform flow between core and mantel areas, this ensures that the extrudate passes quicker at the contact area, hence the material does not get stagnant and risk of overheating. With less plate out, you get less downtime and waste, as well as a finer/smoother surface of your product.