Halogenated FR systems

Driving costs down

Our product SIDISTAR offers the possibility to reduce costs with good FR performance by substituting 50% of the Antimony Trioxide by SIDISTAR polymer additive, considered a non-hazardous material.

Halogenated compounds have been around for quite some time in flame retardant applications. Compounds are often based on PVC as polymer (for cable it will be plasticized PVC, where the plasticizer, if not phosphoric, adds to the flammability).

When using polyolefins, either halogenated, or with a halogenated flame-retardant additive (usually containing fluorine, chlorine or bromine, often in combination with ATO). SIDISTAR product will strengthen the char and increase the efficiency of the FR additives. In case one already has good FR performance, it can help to reduce the halogenated materials / ATO and thereby reduce smoke, toxic content and in many cases, reduce the costs of the compound, attaining the same performance or better. ATO reduction/replacement up to 50% is possible.