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Personal Care 

Silicones deliver delightful sensory experiences and unparalleled performance

Silicones for personal care: deliver the perceivable performance consumers desire

Today’s consumers desire more from beauty care products. They expect products tailored to their specific needs, delivering perceivable benefits and helping them to instantly look good and feel better. Beauty care brands are being challenged to create safe and effective products meeting the needs of every skin and hair type and marketable to men and women of different cultures worldwide.  

Silicones have a long history in personal care products as functional ingredients. They are used in a wide variety of personal care products:

  • In hair care products (shampoo and conditioners, shine sprays and frizz serums, etc.) they provide superior conditioning, add shine, control frizz, provide easy detangling and protect from further damage
  • In skin care products (creams, lotions, and anti-aging serums, acne treatments, etc.) they add a silky smooth feel to the skin and mask fine lines to deliver the attributes of a healthier and more youthful appearance.
  • In sunscreen products (skin creams, lotions and foundations with SPF) they reduce the tackiness of organic sunscreens, boost the SPF and increase the water repellency
  • In color cosmetics (lipsticks and lip colors, foundations, eye shadows, primers, powders, etc.) they impart color intensity, uniformity, non-transfer, luminosity and comfort with long lasting performance
  • In APDEO products (anti-perspirant and deodorant gels, sticks, roll-ons and aerosols) they reduce the whiteness and the tack of the antiperspirant salt, improve skin feel and provide easy glide.

Why Elkem Silicones?

Elkem Silicones is a global silicone supplier with 75+ years of experience and a breadth of technologies; wide range of high performance and standard silicone products under the PURESIL™ and MIRASIL™ brands in the following categories:

  • Dimethicone fluids with viscosities from 2cst to 500,000 cst, volatile to non-volatile
  • Gum blends with volatile or non-volatile silicone and non-silicone carriers
  • Emulsions of amino silicones and silicones
  • Phenyl modified silicones: phenyl trimethicone, diphenyl dimethicone, etc.
  • Specialty silicones: amine modified silicones, alkyl functional silicones
  • Silicone emulsifiers: water in silicone emulsifier, water in silicone and oil emulsifier, etc.
  • Silicone elastomer gels in a range of carrier fluids, volatile to non-volatile, silicone to a naturally derived organic carrier
  • Silicone elastomer powder
  • Silicone resin film formers in volatile and non-volatile carriers.

Our advantages also include:

  • Extensive application expertise and regional outreach with labs in Spain, China, South Korea, France, Brazil, and the United States
  • Vertically integrated supply chain and global footprint for added security of supply and ease of access
  • Global regulatory expertise and compliance
  • Continuous improvement process towards better sustainability.

Our “innovative solutions with a personal touch” service model will give you an edge in the marketplace. Let us assist you with creating your next innovative personal care product!