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Silicones enable the performance without sacrificing the comfort

Silicones: delivering uncompromised beauty

Are you looking to improve the performance of your color cosmetic formulation? 

For many, color cosmetics are essential when it comes to looking beautiful and boosting confidence. To meet consumers’ desire, significant advancements have been made in this category through innovation and material science. Options for masking imperfection are no longer limited to covering with pigments, but also create radiance and translucency for a healthy and youthful glow. Lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundation can be waterproof and transfer resistance to last all day. As consumers prefer more natural ingredients, the question is can we deliver the same promise?

Silicone cosmetics forms and ingredients
Silicone cosmetics forms

Breathable and non-comedogenic, silicones are performance ingredients working in concert with organic and naturals to deliver the promise.  

Versatile silicone technologies allow the creation of many forms and functions:

  • Enhanced spreading, uniform application and pigment dispersion; 
  • Adhesion of film formers for waterproof, non-transfer and long-lasting features, while retaining a silky smooth and moisturized feel; 
  • Optical diffraction properties of elastomers for wrinkle blurring with powdery and velvety skin feel
  • SPF boosting and luxurious sensorial properties that enable the benefit of skin and sun care in makeup products.  

In addition, Elkem Silicones continues to launch new products to meet the consumer needs for performance, natural product and sustainability. For example, the newly launched PURESIL™ ORG 01 is a high performing, eco-friendly silicone elastomer with over 80 % composition derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane.  




Our product offerings for skin care

A wide range of standard and high performance silicone products are available under the MIRASIL™ and PURESIL™ brands in the following categories:

  • Dimethicone fluids with viscosity from 2 cst to 500,000 cst, volatile to non-volatile
  • Gum blends with volatile or non-volatile silicone carriers
  • Emulsions of amino functional silicones, dimethicone
  • Phenyl modified silicones: phenyl trimethicone, diphenyl dimethicone, etc.
  • Specialty silicones: amino functional silicones, alkyl functional silicones
  • Silicone emulsifiers: water in silicone emulsifier, water in silicone and oil emulsifier, etc.
  • Silicone elastomer gels in a range of carrier fluids, volatile to non-volatile, silicone to naturally derived organic carrier
  • Silicone elastomer powder
  • Silicone resin film formers in volatile and non-volatile carriers.

Discover our latest Skin Care solutions

Download our last Skin Care Selector Guide. Discover all our skincare range silicones for your formulations.

Why partner with Elkem Silicones in Color Cosmetics?

In addition to our current offering, we continue to launch new products to support customers in innovation and improve on sustainability. Our knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art application labs can assist you in creating your next innovative formulations. 


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