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Elkem Silicon Products Belgium

Elkem Processing Services

Elkem Processing Services (EPS) is strategically located in Liège, Belgium serving central European markets.

EPS is involved in the sourcing and processing of silicon carbide and silicon fines. Elkem offers a wide portfolio of high-quality products for the production of advanced refractory and ceramic products globally, supported by a highly competent staff of customer service, technical assistance and product development professionals.

Elkem Processing Service products

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a synthetic silicon and carbon mineral compound, generally produced in electrical resistance furnaces at high temperatures of 1700 – 2500 °C.

Elkem offers a range of metallurgical silicon powders that are carefully selected, crushed, milled to customer specifications and needs. 

Boron carbide (B4C) is a dark grey–black material comprising 76.5–78 wt% boron, with an exceptional hardness that is only exceeded by diamond and cubic boron nitride.

Fused silica is made of very high purity crystal silica (quartz sand), melted by fusion in electrical arc ovens at temperatures of 1800-2000 ℃ and then cooled sufficiently fast to avoid crystallization and obtain transparent amorphous silica (silicon dioxide).

Elkem Processing Services

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  • Ample floorspace and buildings in good condition

Machines & equipment:

  • Grinding, classifying and packing
  • Capable of processing powder specifications down to 2 microns

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Sustainability at Elkem

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